Min. Martin Wuppermann
LAIB & SEELE is a campaign of the Berliner Tafel, several churches and the RBB. Since 2004, Berliner Tafel and several church congregations have offered distribution points where people in need can receive groceries.
There are now 46 distribution points in the city with 1,600 volunteers who organize the distribution week after week.
They want people with little money to have it a little easier and not only distribute the LAIB Brot, but are also there for the SEELE.
Today, LAIB & SEELE supports a total of 40,000 needy people with food each month. The PFF community has been collecting food since 2019, which Min. Martin brings to the headquarters at the wholesale market in Beusselstraße.
Here you can find more information: ”Laib&Seele”
For years we collected for the Jenny de la Torre Foundation clothing store. If you still want to donate things, please contact the foundation directly.


Sis. Marina Williams
“Christmas in a Shoebox” is the most popular gift campaign worldwide. Under the motto “More than a moment of happiness”, children in need not only experience Christmas joy through a shoebox, but are also touched with the love of God. Internationally, the campaign is known as “Operation Christmas Child”. Since 1993, more than 186 million children in over 150 countries worldwide have already been reached.
We collect various items throughout the year and in November the women of the congregation organize a packing party where they fill the shoe boxes and then bring them to the Christmas workshop. From there, they are brought to Eastern Europe and distributed. Sis. Marina organizes the gift donation.
Here you find more information: ”Weihnachten im Schuhkarton”
Sis. Claudia Chalhoub


A small aid organization, committed, very personal and that for decades. The couple named Kaasch does not give up. They founded HaitiCare e.V. about 25 years ago, had to endure numerous storms, setbacks, discouragements, and yet: nothing can stopthem from fulfilling their desire to help the people of Haiti with great commitment. Impressive!
The PFF community has been supporting HaitiCare e.V. for many years. Through the sale of donated books during the summer festival or the sale of homemade Christmas cookies in the pre-Christmas season, the money raised has been donated by the congregation to the people of HaitiCare. 100 percent! But also, every single person can help, by one-time donations, money for donations in kind or by taking over a sponsorship. Sis. Claudia keeps in touch with HaitiCare.
Here you can get more information: “HaitiCare e.V.”.