Protestant Faith Fellowship began 1971 with a request by Ernest W. Armstrong of the United States Military and Master E.P. Jones, PFF’s first deacon, for a location to hold their annual St. John’s Service. The request was submitted to and granted by Rev. Boyd Walton, Master Sergeant at Tempelhof Air Base. The first service was held at Andrew’s Barracks Chapel.
In 1973 Rev. Walton PFF’s first Pastor, requested permission from the commanding General to hold services at the main Berlin Brigade Chapel, American Community Chapel (ACC) on Hüttenweg and permission was granted. Army Regulation states that the usage of chapel facility is only for religious organizations or Chaplain sponsored assemblies.
From 1973 to approximately 1984/85 the congregation’s name was Intra-Faith. The congregation began as a church which consisted of mostly young adults. The first choir was conducted by Mrs Haddie Bruster, who was also the piano player. The first gowns were black, green, and red: the colors of the Afro American. The purpose of the service was to offer youth a better alternative to the bowling alleys and gangs, by getting them to come to church an Sundays to enrich them spiritually for a better tomorrow.
As time passed the worship service grew, and the mix changed: Young adults, adults, seniors and children – all came. The order of the service was changed to accommodate the new mix. During these years the flock was shepherd, tended, and herded by several ministers and pastors.
As time passed the worship service grew, and the mix changed: Young adults, adults, seniors and children – all came. The order of the service was changed to accommodate the new mix. During these years the flock was shepherd, tended, and herded by several ministers and pastors.
In approximately 1984/85, under Charles Murdock, the Minister of the congregation Intra-Faith was dissolved and it became a chaplain sponsored chapel congregation. It was renamed Protestant Faith Fellowship (PFF). Since that time PFF has had the following pastors: First Chaplain Pastor Edward Saxon, Chaplain Glen Kelso, Chaplain Jerry Robinson, Chaplain John Stepp, Rev. Ricky L. Jaspar. Since its interception, PFF has fed hundreds and thousands of hungry souls, has taught, counselled, married, dedicated, and buried many in the community, and has commissioned disciples throughout the world. PFF remains a beacon of light in this dark world. PFF has been and is an organism rooted in Christ Jesus.
In 1994, as the American Military Bases in Berlin were closed during the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reuniting of Germany, over 80% of the members of PFF were sent home or redeployed somewhere else in the world. In view of these changes, PFF also as a church was affected.
In June 1994 Deacon Joseph Atuahene and Brother Frank J. Williams Jr. of the PFF congregation received a vision from God to continue His work. So they started out on a great journey for the Lord. Deacon Atuahene was ordained as Pastor and Bro. Williams as Deacon, and they then took over from the residing Pastor Rickey L. Jasper, who was reassigned back to the USA. The American Community Chapel on Hüttenweg was closed on June 26, 1994, but PFF would live on.
The first service after the closure was held at Bro. Morris’ Children Clinic on Mauerstrasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg. They were only a few members left, but they praised the name of the Lord and God done marvellous things in that building.
The congregation grew and a bigger place to worship was needed. God was once again right on time, and the Church “Zum Guten Hirten” opened their doors for PFF to worship the Lord, and he was working on their behalf and setting them up for another miracle.
One day, after two month, two members of PFF decided to see what has happened to the church on Hüttenweg. To their surprise they met a former member of PFF, and he told them who is administrating the building now and how to get in contact with the office. Pastor Joseph and Deacon Williams, led by the Holy Spirit, contacted the city district of Berlin-Zehlendorf and signed the contract to rent the building from them. A week later PFF was back at their home church on Hüttenweg. At that time Deacon Williams was ordained Assistant Pastor and God kept on blessing the PFF congregation.
In December 1998 Pastor Atuahene had to go back to Ghana on a family matter and Assistant Pastor Williams was left in charge of the flock. In October 1999 Assistant Pastor Williams was ordained Pastor by Bishop George D. Lee III of The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Living Word Christian Centre in Augusta, Georgia.
On January 19, 2001 the Verein “Protestant Faith Fellowship – Pentecostal Church of Berlin e.V.” was established with Pastor Williams as chairman.PFF continues to be a home to a living organism of God’s body. Pastor Williams and the church council are working hard to keep the Ministry moving according to God standards. Many have received Christ as their personal Saviour and have been baptized in the name of the Lord at PFF. The weekly Bible Studies in English and German provide the spiritual nourishment so deeply needed. PFF is blessed to work with other Ministries throughout Berlin, Germany, the US and Africa. Over the years the PFF Choir has spread the Gospel through song in many areas. They have been a blessing to thousands.
Thank God PFF lives on today because Christ who is the head of the Church lives. Today PFF is a Pentecostal Christian congregation of an international Christian Community, preaching not only the Word of God but also living by the grace of God. The PFF congregation shares the love of God to others just as Jesus loves them, to bring hope and peace to everybody. The history of PFF is continually unfolding… and history is being made.