The PFF Gospel Choir is built on the faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.God gave us a voice that has no borders, a voice to sing songs of praise and worship, and with the same voice.  He gave us the power to spread and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. He chooses ordinary people from every walk of life.

Although our service is to the church first, we are not limited to ministering to our congregation alone. We are also an Outreach Ministry, in which we serve the community. The songs we sing are songs of joy, love, and hope. From Old Time Spirituals to Modern Contemporary Gospel, the message remains the same. We welcome  all those who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.


Minister Ingrid Arthur

Ingrid Arthur
Gospelchor, Gospelmusik

The PFF Choir is led by Ingrid Arthur

and Mico Wuppermann (assistant choir leader)

For further information or if you wish to become a member

of any of our choirs (Children, Young Adults or PFF Choir),

please contact Ingrid Arthur (Minister of Music).

Bro. Mico Wuppermann